Precision is run by IT professionals who have worked as independent consultants at major corporations.

We understand information technology, IT organizations, and the challenges and benefits of working as an IT consultant.

Respecting Consultants' Privacy

We won’t submit a candidate’s resume to a client until after we receive the candidate’s approval. As a direct vendor to our clients, we don’t need to divulge our candidates’ personal information to other recruiting firms. Maintaining the privacy of our consultants is standard practice at Precision.

Compensating Consultants Well

Precision consultants receive higher pay. We believe that a well-qualified consultant should be well compensated for the work they perform. By offering higher pay, we attract the best and brightest professionals for our clients, and our clients enjoy the high-quality, long-term services of our satisfied consultants.

Responding to Consultant Inquiries

Precision has an operations team dedicated to responding to our consultant inquires. We aim to reply to emails and phone calls on the day we receive them, and we often respond within just hours.

Paying on Time

Precision pays its employees and subcontractors every two weeks, like clockwork. In most cases, we pay our consultants even before we have received payment from the client.

We are financially stable, with sufficient resources to cover our payroll expenses even in the most dire economic downturn.

Managing H-1b and Green Cards Well

Precision’s immigration team is highly skilled in obtaining H-1b visas, TN visas and Green Cards for our consultants. We work with excellent immigration attorneys, and have had a 100% approval rate on the hundreds of petitions we have filed.

Precision consultants receive regular updates about their petitions, and are provided copies of filings upon request. Our consultants have access, at any time, to Precision’s internal immigration team, as well as to our attorneys, to discuss their petitions.

We have a great track record, and are happy to provide references to other consultants for whom we have successfully obtained visas or Green Cards.

Precision has been a great partner – the principals are technical and the organization understands my technical passions. We have partnered on a number great long-term contracts.
Reg Krock, Consultant - JPMorgan
I’ve been working with Precision on and off since 2001. They have always been easy to deal with, and they consistently treat me with respect and professionalism.
Kirk Blackburn, Consultant - CenturyLink