Precision Consistently Presents the Best Candidates

We use a process-oriented approach to recruiting
that lets us respond quickly to every opening.

Team Approach

For each requisition, Precision puts together a team consisting of a senior recruiter, a recruiting assistant, a sourcing specialist, and where appropriate, a technical specialist. The team reports to one of our principals, who provides guidance and oversight of the process.

Repeatable Methods

Precision’s recruiting process is repeatable, measurable and predictable. Every requisition that we work on goes through the same steps and is subject to the same measurements and controls. The entire recruiting process is carefully planned and managed, from requisition intake all the way through to client onboarding. This process-oriented approach ensures that we can be highly responsive to our clients, and find the very best candidates for their projects.

Custom Recruiting Management Software

Our team-oriented and process-driven approach to recruiting is enabled by our proprietary recruiting management system. This software helps our senior recruiters to manage their assigned openings and to collaborate with the rest of their team. It provides management with a view into every activity in the organization, along with metrics covering every aspect of the recruiting process.