We're Flexible

No matter how you need
to staff your project,
Precision is ready to help.
Precision provides both short- and long-term contract staffing of IT professionals.

We can provide professionals on both on time-and-expense and defined-deliverable models, allowing our clients maximum flexibility in staffing their projects.

Precision helps clients to find new regular, full-time employees.

We can recruit individuals for immediate hire, or through contract-to-hire (“try-buy”) arrangements.
Either way, we employ our full expertise and customer service to every opening.

Precision can assemble a full team to take on projects on a defined-deliverable basis.

We can deliver specific functionality or a whole application, either on our own or side-by-side with our client’s internal development resources.

Precision specializes in assuming maintenance of legacy applications, freeing our client’s IT staff to work on newer projects and technologies.
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Smalltalk Specialty Group

Precision is the leader in Smalltalk staffing
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